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About ZEUS

ZEUS (in Hungarian, written as 'ZEUSZ') is a geoinformatic project built-up from scratch. It's goal is to create an independent, interactive digital map system and publish as much project results as possible. It's a private project, which has begun around 2011.

ZEUS uses
NASA SRTM data sources for displaying the terrain and OpenStreetMap beside of other publicly available data sources for displaying roads, POIs etc.

One of the project's goals is to bring geoinformatics closer to people, especially for young people. Not only applications are created, but also a first book was published in 2014, in Hungary (published by the BBS Info Ltd.), containing useful informations, which can help young developers to create their first digital maps and navigation applications. It's title is: "Developing navigation applications for Android".

The ZEUS project has mobile, desktop-based and browser-based applications and among others, an experimental real-time location tracking feature. ZEUS is developed mainly using Adobe AIR and the programming language C, with a strong cross-platform perspective.

about diferent ZEUS modules (mobile client and a browser-based tracking appliaction), without World Wind SDK:

The display and maintenance of geodata is a big challenge and here comes NASA World Wind with it's performant and easy-to-use interface. With the World Wind SDK, real-time location tracking and display is possible for the whole planet.

A screenshot about the World Wind based GUI, using location data, which is retrieved from the ZEUS tracking system:

NASA World Wind allows a spectacular three dimensional display of the location data, which makes tracking very effective and intuitive.

'ZEUS Easy track' project adds extra features like different types of analysis to this, with an easy-to-use interface. It's GUI uses the built-in features of World Wind, which makes the handling of the application extreme easy.

Key features of Easy track:
- real time remote tracking and location display for every kind of traffic
- automatic logging of location data in CSV format
- ability to import CSV route data
- real-time or offline route analyzis.

NASA and the ZEUSZ

As a working example, ZEUSZ Easy track establishes a connection between the tracking module of ZEUSZ and the NASA World Wind map. It's a 100% compatibility! To demonstrate it, you can try out location tracking with both ZEUSZ Easy track and the so called ZEUSZ Console (http://hades.uw.hu/index.html), which is an independent, experimental, browser-based map, using an older ZEUSZ map drawing engine. The same track ID can be used for both applications to track positions.

It's that easy to connect custom systems with ZEUS Easy track!
It just works!

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