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How does Easy track work?

Easy track is a desktop application, which can work together with custom tracking systems.

DIY tracking system

Easy track can be used right away. No complicated systems, no expensive hardware are needed. In fact, if you already have a PC and an Android smartphone or tablet, it's even possible to have your very own tracking system for free, now using the ZEUS traking system as an example.

Modular structure

The idea behind ZEUS Easy track is to show, how an application created with the NASA World Wind SDK can be connected to other geoinformatic systems to display and analyze their data even in real time.

It's about a module-based system design. In such systems, each component can be developed and exchanged independently from the others, enabling the usage of different platforms and applications. Only the output-input data has to be created and handled in a standardized way, the implementation of the actual module, which does the work, is technology- and platform independent.

As a working example, for this project, ZEUS Easy track will be demonstrated in conection with the independent ZEUSZ navigation system.

Now, let's have a look at each modul in detail!

ZEUS Easy track V1.0.6

ZEUS Easy track, as it's name says, makes tracking tasks extreme easy. Easy track is written in JAVA, using the NASA World Wind SDK and is designed for Microsoft Windows operation systems.

This desktop application displays location data stored on the independent experimental ZEUS server. Thanks to the World Wind SDK, data visualisation can be made in fast, three dimensional display for the whole planet.

What Easy track does, is not only displaying actual locations data. You can define reference points and measure distances, analyze speed, altitudes in real time.

You don't even have to calculate complicated things by hand: Easy track generates short reports by analyzing tracking data.

Need tracking data in a common file format? Easy track makes it for you automatically, while you are just watching movements remotely. Logging is made in CSV format, which is ready to be used in GIS applications as well, like QGIS.

You already have some CSV files with the same structure? Just import it into the application! The data stored in the CSV files are displayed immediately and even reports can be generated baesd on them.

Sounds easy?
It is!
That's Easy track!

To find out more about the program features, check out the
Manual section.

To get your working copy of Easy track, check out the
Download and Setup section!

To get the source code of Easy track, visit the
Source code section!

Visit the
Technical data section to find out, how to enable your custom tracking and navigation system to work together with Easy track or how to create your own one.

Sample modules for demonstrating the cooperation with external systems

ZEUS track V1.0.7

The mobile client ZEUS track is an independent application for Android and is written in Adobe AIR. It features online and offline tracking functionalities.

Using the online mode, the user application generates a unique identifier, which is valid for 24 hours. ZEUS track sends the location data of the mobile device every 10 seconds to a ZEUS data server.

In offline mode, no internet connection is needed. Instead of that, the mobile application generates a CSV file containing location data stored in every 10 seconds, directly on your mobile device.

Online and offline mode can be used simultaneously.

Data base server for storing location data

The ZEUS navigation system uses PHP and MySQL on server side to store location data. Similar technologies can be used as well. This is just a working example here.

All location data are stored anonymously. For each unique ID, only one data set is stored, the one of the actual location. All stored data are deleted at 00:00am from the server.

ZEUSZ Track adapter V1.0.2

To get the remote location data from the data server to your desktop computer, an adapter application is used. It gets the data and stores it on your Microsoft Windows based computer. This application was written in Adobe AIR.

Location data are retrieved and updated locally every 10 seconds.

From architectural point of view, an adapter application could be integrated also into ZEUS Easy track. The separated approach however results in a more generic solution.

ZEUSZ Player V1.0.2

ZEUSZ Player is a small tool, which can be used to "play back" earlier recorded route data in CSV format.

Just start the application and select a CSV data file, which was recorded by ZEUS track ZEUS Easy track.

The prgram actually simulates real time tracking by feeding ZEUS Easy track with data, with an update interval of 10 seconds. Actual processed data are displayed also.

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