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To try out ZEUS Easy track, download the following 3 application components

ZEUS Easy track V1.0.6

Download the ZIP file and extract it to your local PC !

Tool #1. ZEUS track V1.0.7

For your Android device!

Tool #2. ZEUSZ Track adapter V1.0.2

Download the ZIP file and extract it to your hard drive!

Tool #3. ZEUSZ Player V1.0.2

ZEUSZ Player is ideal for offline analyzis. This optional tool can "play" previously stored CSV route data and provide real-time input for ZEUS Easy track. (It cannot be used together with the ZEUS adapter application however.)

Before launching ZEUSZ Player, make sure, that the directory C:\zeusz exists !

This experimental, exetremely small application of 29KB is written in C, using pure Win32 API.

How to use ZEUS Easy track with the ZEUS tracking system in just 3 steps

1. On your smartphone

- Launch the ZEUS track mobile application.
(To use online mode, enable the internet connection on your mobile device!)

- Tap on the 'Yes' button on the welcome screen of the application.

- After a couple of minutes, your unique ID will be displayed on the screen, among other informations.

Note: the mobile application logs location data also locally on your device, in CSV file. To find out more about this feature, visit the Technical data section!

2. On your desktop computer
(Internet conection is required.)

- Open the directory, where you have unzipped the adapter application and launch ZEUSZ_TRACK_Client.exe

- Enter your unique ID (displayed on your mobile device)

- Click on Start

After a couple of seconds, the adapter app starts to update and store the location data of your mobile device in the directory C:\zeusz

3. Launch Easy track

You are ready to go!

- Open the directory, where you hav unzipped Easy track and launch NASA.jar

- In the application's main menu, open 'Track options' - 'Show position only'

After a couple of seconds, you will see the actual position of your device.

The map is centered by default to the coordinates 47.50 and 19.05 (Budapest). To change this, simply open the settings.properties configuration file, which is included with Easy track and enter a custom location.

For further details, have a look at the
'Manual' section !

(Depending on your configuration, it can take 1-2 minutes, until Easy track is completely up and running.)

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