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In this section, you can find real-world examples of offline and online tests. There are also recorded route data to download, which can be imported into Easy track. These CSV files were created using the ZEUS track mobile client.

ZEUS Easy track was tested by:

- Gergely Fazekas
- drone flight tests
- Jenő Medvenics
- mobile client tests
- Máté Medvenics
- mobile client tests
- Péter Geburth
, professional pilot (http://www.siraly.eu/) - flight tests
Péter Gilyén - mobile and desktop tests

Recommended map center configurations in settings.properties:
map_center_lat=47.50 map_center_long=19.05 map_center_alt=20000

Long-range transports

Budapest-Salzburg by car

Need to analyze routes or get actual status of transports? Searching for optimizations or simply more exact details? No problem!

Locate your transport vehicle or package on the way! Find out, how long a route was, what was the average speed, which was the highest altitude etc.

Using Easy track in online mode? Find out how far the delivery from it's desination is!

For private and commercial use very practical.

Example file: Full route data of 546.6 km length. (193 KB)

Public transport control

Cog railway in Budapest

Locate a public transport vehicle on it's way! See it's actual location, speed and altitude!

The analyzis of public transport routes can reveal not only the exact location of routes, but also special data such as altitude differences between stops, travel times etc.

Do you know the cog railway in Budapest? Take a look!

Example file: Full route data of 3.59 km length. (14 KB)

Traffic jam analyzis

Rush hour in Budapest's city center

Find out, where the critical points inthe public transport net are! The more markers mean the more jam. Hover the mouse over a location marker to display even more details!

In this example, you can analyze the route of a public transport bus, moving forward in the late afternoon traffic jam.

Example file: Full route data of 3.9 km (16 KB)

Try out the logistic of the future!

Drone flight analyzis

Live tracking of transport drones is within the reach for everybody now! Easy track can provide the basic tracking functionality needed for complex drone transport and control systems.

The drone test flight has shown, that Easy track and the ZEUS tracking system are able to be a basis of drone tracking systems.

Airplane tracking

Track and analyze commercial or private flights

Easy track can handle also altitude data, which is needed for real three dimensional display. The allows to get actual flight locations of flying object like drnes or airplanes.

One possible area of usage can be the establishing of low-cost flight control and support systems, as far as online mode is concerned. A single laptop with internet access is enough to track airplanes.

Offline mode of Easy track also offers a unique possibility to analyze flights even after the flights are done.

The flight test was performed twice, each time with 3 different mobile devices on the airplane, which sent the location of the aircraft to the experimental ZEUS location server. The tracking was each time easy and reliable.

The tests showed additional business potential of ZEUS Easy track for both the pilot and the developer.

Example file: Flight route data of 44 km length. (11 KB)

Recall memories

Children's railway in Budapest

Recall memories of great times spent with your family, in three dimensions on you PC!

Trying out the Children's railway in Budapest is a great fun... not only for children!

Example file: Partial route data of 6.6 km length. (21 KB)

Sports and outdoor activities

Hiking, jogging, etc.

Whether you organize hiking or just want to analyze your jogging performance, Easy track can support you.

In Online mode, you can track people moving in the mountains, help them to find a location or path.

In offline mode, you can analyze your performance and develop strategies to improve it.

Example file: Jogging route data of 5.36 km (23KB).

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