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Which part of the project on this website uses World Wind?

The application called
ZEUS Easy track uses the NASA World Wind SDK and is written in JAVA.
All other applications are written in ActionScript or C and are not part of Easy track, but can cooperate with it.

Why are there several applications for download?
Easy track comes with prepared tools, which can demonstrate, how to use Easy track in a fully operational tracking system, together with other systems / applications. But Easy track itself is a standalone application. If you have your own system, you can prepare the input for Easy track using your very own system as well.

Can I modify Easy track?
Yes, the full source code is available for download. There are no limitations. See the
Download and Setup section for more details.

What about the source codes of the tools presented with Easy track?
These other applications are independent ones, which will be made open source in the future. At the moment, the description of their working mechanism is available for the public. Check out the
Technical details section for more details.

Do I need special hardware to setup my own tracking system using the softwares presented here?
No special hardware is needed. You can use your PC and mobile devices you already have.

What about this ZEUS tracking system?
This is an independent system you can use for free. As a working example, Easy track uses the output of the ZEUS tracking system as an input.

Are there any personal data stored in the ZEUS data base, when I use the mobile application 'ZEUS track'?
No personal data are stored in the data base.
The mobile ZEUS client sends only the following data to the server:
- ID
- longitude
- latitude
- altitude (in meters)
- speed (in m/s).
Your ID is a random, but unique ID consisting of characters and numbers. This ID is valid until 00:00am only.
Additionally, all stored data on the server are deleted at 00:00am.
Check out the
Technical details section for more details.

How many devices can be tracked with Easy track?
In it's actual form, Easy track can track one mobile device in real time. Need more? Let's say, to track 100 devices at the same time? No problem! Easy track can be scaled up, because it's architecture was designed this way. Just download the source code and modify it to get and display location data of devices of virtually unlimited number. For lots of devices however, you will need your own fast dedicated backend, because the ZEUS server is just for demonstration purposes. No ideas how to start? Don't worry, just check out the Technical data section, where you can find details and tips based on the experiences with the free ZEUS system.

What does "real-time" mean? How fast is it really?
ZEUS Easy track uses update latencies of 10 seconds at the moment, but no one stps you, if you want to have even faster updates. In practice, you can easily achieve update times with 2-3 seconds latency, which is absolutely real-time.

What about encryption of the stored data on the ZEUS track server?
Stored data are not encrypted on the ZEUS track server, because, although fully functional, it's just for demonstration purposes and makes the whole thing easier to understad this way. Encryption is possible for this tracking technology, of course.

Who can use ZEUS Easy track?
Everybody. Whether a private person or company, every kind of institute, everybody can use ZEUS Easy track. There are no limitations in the usage.

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