ZEUS Easy track

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ZEUS Easy track's goal is to give the possibility to everyone to create custom, universal real-time tracking and analyzis systems for nearly no extra cost, becuase no special hardware is needed. Commercial laptops and smartphones are just enough to create a working tracking and control system with interchangeable software elements. ZEUS Easy track requires Microsoft Windows and Java Runtime Environment to run..


- connectivity to custom systems possible
- operation at nearly no cost
- scalability with virtually no limitations
- fast establishing of control centers
- real time tracking
- exteremely easy usage
- fast operation.

Potential areas, which can be supported by ZEUS Easy track:

- transport
- public trafic
- law enforcement
- defense
- disaster management
- traffic analyzis
- logistics
- airplane tracking
- sports and outdoor activities
- remote support activities
- analyzis and comparison of positioning accuracy of mobile devices.

Krisztián Fehér
Developer of ZEUS Easy track

Mentoring: Dr. Zoltán Siki

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