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Technical Info

Here you can find all technical informations required to understand and even build up your own tracking system, which uses ZEUS Easy track to display and analyze tracking data.

Understanding the mobile client ZEUS track

The mobile client ZEUS track uses the location sensor (GPS) to get the actual location-based data of the mobile device.

Following data are measured:

- longitude
- latitude
- altitude (in meters)
- speed (in m/s).

Data are updated in every 10 seconds.

ZEUS track can operate in 2 modes: online and offline. In online mode, geolocation data are sent to a dedicated data server every 10 seconds. The data traffic is measured and displayed. If the internet connection get lost, the application switches to offline mode only, see below.

Using the online mode is strictly anonymous, no personal data are collected. Data are distinguished through a unique identifier. Theres is no historization either, only actual positions are stored. At 00:00am, every data are deleted. This means also, that online mode can be used with the same identifier only for maximal 24 hours.

In offline and online mode, the application records all data in a CSV data file on the device. The location of the stored file and file size are displayed.

ZEUS track is available for Android devices.

Understanding the data server module

To stored data on a server, every kind of technology can be used, so this is up to you. ZEUS Easy track is not dependent on these technologies, because data are retrieved from the server through the so called adapter application.

In the ZEUS system, PHP and MySQL are used to send, get and store data remotely. Data are sent in plain text format, using a simple delimiter-based structure. In the ZEUS system, this technology is called

The mobile client and the adapter are sending informations by calling server side PHP scripts.

The most important columns in the DB table are:
- IDENTIFIER as primary key VARCHAR(20)
- TRACK_TIME INT(11) (the actual time of update on the mobile device, converted to seconds passed from 1970.1.1)

Latitude, longitude, altitude and speed could be stored also in numeric format, of course.

Understanding the adapter module

The adapter application gets the stored data from ths server and stores it locally, in simple text files, using the following structure:


An update of the data is made every 10 seconds.

The directory C:\zeusz is created by the application, no manual preconfiguration is needed.

Understanding the display module - ZEUS Easy track

Easy track reads, displays and analyzes the data, which are updated and stored by the adapter module.

Because there is no diret communication between the data server and Easy track, the application doesn't have to take care, how those data are retrieved and where they come from. It just takes the data and displays it. This allows to create a custom tracking system and replace every module: the mobile client, the data server and the adapter application are just working examples.

Easy track is a JAR application and it comes with a small configuration file. It only requires JAVA Runtime environment. It can be launched directly, no installation is needed.

About the CSV route files

With ZEUS track and ZEUS Easy track, you can easily save route data in CSV format.

The structure of the CSV files, which ZEUS Easy track can use, has to be the following:

shapeid, timestamp, x, y, altitude, speed

0,Sun Apr 12 15:21:00 GMT+0200 2015,18.97680958,47.4940347,516.59265,0.6907

0,Sun Apr 12 15:21:10 GMT+0200 2015,18.9832622,47.49598453,480.7157325,5.56


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